Why do You need Rolling Shutters?

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Whether you are looking to protect your home or against vandals or weather, increase your energy efficiency or major saving or shut out the noise, Roller shutters can provide a variety of benefits. With both manual and motorized operation available, you will also get the functionality you need.
Regardless of the type of exterior rolling shutter, you chose they can all be used to provide safety, security, and energy efficiency to your home.


Rolling Shutters is a definitive asset to your home. and increase the value of your home, also it adds the elegance and luxury to your home


Allowing you to access a high degree of privacy where you are able to see what is outside without having to open the windows, without the eyes of anyone from outside reaching you. These Roller Shutters keep your private life exactly that!

Ideal For Security

Roller Shutters are a flexible and practical asset for a better secure property with a maximized privacy control, moreover, Roller Shutter Blinds are an adaptable dynamic solution for protection of windows, doors, balconies, garages, storefronts and shops

Protection from theft

You can protect your home from theft by adding rolling shutters to your home. Thieves often target houses that have unattended properties, so having rolling shutters installed around your home will deter thieves from breaking into your home.


Providing all designs that suit all tastes with different tendencies and aspirations, and with all this diversity and difference in the types of rolling shutters. Breaking the barriers of normal home decoration and bringing the sense of protection, insulation and privacy to new levels of beauty, comfort and reliability


Rolling Shutters reduce outside noise entering your home by as much as 60%. Sound reduction can be up to 35 decibels, providing peace and quiet to homes on a busy road or in a noisy neighborhood.

Light Control

Some of shutters distinguished with a great feature, bigger holes to allow better lighting and ventilation without the eyes of anyone from outside reaching you

Easy to control

Remote, wall switch, Or App controlled, and do it all with a simple push of a button through a remote control, wall switch or your phone.

If you would prefer to keep the cost down, manual operated roller shutters can be opened and closed with a crank or mini tape coiler. These are internally installed inside the room.

The new models can also be sync with our Somfy CONNEXOON phone app. You can then control them from your phone from anywhere inside or outside the house.

Warmer in winter & Cooler in summer

If your house gets especially hot during the summer months, rolling Shutters can help! These Roller Shutters will stop up to 84% of radiant heat entering your home through your windows.

Because they completely black out your windows, roll shutters prevent almost all unwanted heat from entering your home. Leave your shutters down during the day while you’re away at work for a sense of security and a nice cool home when you return

Close your shutters when you’re running your heater on cold winter nights and even during the day especially when the sun isn’t shining on your windows to keep the heat inside where you want it. Save hundreds on your heating bills. rolling Shutters insulate your windows better than any double glazing, reducing heat escaping your home by up to 84%.

Eco friendly

By using far less power to heat and cool your home, rolling Shutters cut your energy needs and reduce your carbon footprint.